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Tomorrow: BYBA National Championships

News dal sito DCE - Sab, 05/10/2013 - 14:49

Tomorrow, the BYBA National Championships will take place. This championship concludes the European competition season for corps and bands.

The highlight event of the British Youth Band Association will take place at the Keys Park Stadium in Hednesford. Twenty corps, including Spirit of Coventry, 37th Kingswood, Cadence and East Coast Elite will appear at the starting line in the Traditional Division, Cadets Division, Division 3, Division 2, Division 1 and Associate Division.

The event will start at 11.45 am with Division 3. The time table can be found at

DVDs of DCE Championships available soon

News dal sito DCE - Mer, 02/10/2013 - 23:10

This year, the DVDs of the DCE European Championships will be available much earlier than before. The DVDs are expected to be shipped within a few weeks. You can order them now.

Previously, drum corps fans had to wait for months for the DVDs> But because the performannces have now been recorded live it saves a lot of time, allowing the DVDs to be shipped before the end of the month. This year, there will be an extra set available with the performances that didn't make the Premier Class Finals. These performances have been collected on DVD set 3.

The production of the DVDs is in the hands of the Video Vault, in collaboration with Show & Marching Music which is once again responsible for the audio of the shots this year. As always, the artwork for the DVD will be provided by Peter Franken.

You can already order the DVDs in the webshop, and the sooner you order, the sooner your copy will be delivered. Order now and be one of the first to get the DVD of the DCE Championships 2013 in the mail.

You can order the DVDs here.

Unik Star announces programme ‘Hidden’

News dal sito DCE - Mer, 02/10/2013 - 22:46

Unik Star Open Percussion Ensemble has announced its 2014 production 'Hidden'. The music will be composed by Joe Rodwell, Carl Curtis, David Lemant and Krystof Rigole.

To play with senses, to hide items, to obfuscate the floor and disappear into the abyss: Unik Star will use the term 'Hidden' in any definition. Unik Star will participate a several contests and exhibitions in Europe during the 2014 season.

Visual/Drill Designer for the 2014 season will be Benoit Sueur. The staff team includes Benoit Sueur, David Lemant, Joe Rodwell, Jérôme Capoen, Georges Lecomte, Daniel gannaway-Pitts and Carl Curtis.

Report: A European drum corps feast in Kerkrade

News dal sito DCE - Dom, 29/09/2013 - 22:16

The DCE flags flew strongly on a windy day in Parkstad Limburg, Kerkrade for European Championships day. A packed stand enjoyed performances from early morning through to dark.

Those that couldn't make it tuned in worldwide to the DCE webcast and also interacted wonderfully with our web team through the #DCE2013 hashtag, which also trended on twitter throughout Europe and America. Webcast analyst Joe Fitzpatrick commented that "this is a holiday for drum corps in Europe", and that it certainly was.


We were happy to see supporters arrive bright and early for the 09.30 start in Kerkrade, and those that were there were treated impressively by French corps Kadoudal who got proceedings underway. This corps, which made a big impression in Junior Class over the previous three years, really showed that drum corps are alive and well in France again, and scored 62.65.

The Staffordshire Knights brought a romantic show to Kerkrade, with pink guard flags and a love heart at the back of field. A very entertaining and musical show brought Staffordshire Knights a score of 57.05.

Italian corps Mosson were next and immediately were impressive to look at. The theme of their show, 'Labyrinth'was quite clear with the guard hiding behind a maze of fences. The theme carried through the show very well. This corps performance was solid and musically strong. 60.00.

Con Spirito were the first Dutch band to perform what was a great show. It felt fresh and the music performed was instantly recognisable for the Dutch fans as their programme was built on music pieces from the Dutch band Bløf. We particularly enjoyed the energetic guard performance! 63.10.

Spirit of 52 really stood out early in the day and the growing audience were treated to a fabulous performance of their show 'The Spirit of Four Seasons'. The big hit 'Summertime' was particularly enjoyed by ourselves and audience alike. The German corpswere early to emerge as finalists with a score of 70.45.

It was great that within six corps performances, we had six countries represented. Irish champions Tallaght Youth Band Marching Vikings brought their 'Nocturnal Metropolis' show to finals. 'Empire State of Mind' was performed with energy and visually it was impressive and enjoyable. Marching Vikings scored 64.90.

Nexus made good use of the amplification by cleverly using samples transitioning to live music. The drumline are powerful on 'This is the end' by the doors, and the brass sound good. They kept the morning standard at a high level with 64.80.

Our second Italian corps Besana Secutores performed 'Pinochhio' which is a word we often heard during the day in the stadium, as people kept talking about this show! It was visually impressive and wonderfully colourful. 68.05.

Heartliner returned after a three year absence from Kerkrade. They have grown considerably in that time.The energetic show 'Up and away' receives an ovation on their strong closer. It also gets them to finals - 71.60. Break time in the stadium!

Opening up after the break were Commodores, who brought their show '1973' to finals. It was apparent from the opening notes that this was going to sound impressive. Marking their 40th anniversary, the show was anything but dated. Here's to another 40 years! 73.85

German champions Starriders impressed with their 2013 show 'Rising'. The percussion were tight and they were given plenty of opportunities to shine! The quality of this performance was reflected in the scores, as they were awarded highest points so far – 74.95.

Multiple times Dutch champions Beatrix were next. They may not have matched previous levels in recent times, but these guys could be thought of as a 'sleeping giant'. It was still early in the day but the stand was full from the 15 to 15 lines. Their entertaining, jazzy show 'Thirteen' was a big hit with audience and judges alike. Thirteen proved not to be an unlucky number, as they shot in to the lead with 79.55.

The Black Knights show starts mysteriously with sound effects and silent drill. It soon becomes apparent that this is going to be another crowd pleaser. The sound of Etta James 'At Last' rings out through the stadium and the place is alive. The entertainment value was at a real high and the reaction was sensational. 'At Last' was heard being hummed by many happy drum corps supporters all evening. Black Knights hit the 80 mark and above - 82.55.

Juliana, who had been Dutch champions for several years were following a massive performance from the previous corps, and the crowd welcomed them with open arms! The legacy of Leonardo Da Vinci could prove tough in theory to depict on the field, but Juliana did it fantastically well with another big score of 82.35.

The excitement for Jubal was at a massive high before the performance. This brought it to a new level. The DCN champions pit percussion stood out as a real highlight. This corps gave us high standards in all areas. The words 'I win, you lose' ended the show and we understood why that phrase was appearing everywhere all day! This local corps supporters were big in numbersand nearly as loud as the brass section! They became the ones to beat - 86.55.

Similar to Black Knights earlier, Kidsgrove Scouts show 'Mind Games' has a pre-show that leaves you wondering. Their guard immediately come to the forefront, and are excellent. There is a lot going on in this show, but it doesn't take away from the music. Kidsgrove have a powerful sound. Guaranteed place in the finals with 83.15.

There was an obvious sense of anticipation for reigning DCE champions The Company. The 'Circle of Life' theme is evident with the opening visually impressive circles.Everything visually about the corps worked. 'Jungle' was how people described it later, and the sound echoed that the King of the drum corps jungle were back and hungry for the title. They finished narrowly behind Jubal with 86.45.


We were happy to see that a large part of the audience didn't see Junior Class as a break. The webcast analysts correctly commented that these corps are the future of drum corps in Europe, and what was on display proved that we have a lot to look forward to.

Confetti got Junior Class finals started and soon showed that the Junior Class is in high standards. They packed the show full of classics and created a really impressive show both musically and visually. 67.00

Kidsgrove Scouts Juniors are proof of the earlier comments about the future of drum corps here in Europe. Their senior band had put in a massive performance in prelims, and the juniors entertained us with 'An American Tale', proving that the future is bright for Kidsgrove. 67.40

Jong Beatrix brought us a wonderfully romantic show. 'You're Just Too Good To Be True' rings out in the stadium, and love is in the Kerkrade air! Lots of drum corps love. Jong Beatrix shot ahead with 78.60.

Ravens from Athlone, Ireland travelled the furthest distance to be in Kerkrade. The theme of their show 'Believe' is well depicted with large inspirational photos and quotes displayed around the field. They also entertain with some live singing. The Irish champions scored 74.30.

Johan Friso depicted a serious message – 'Stop Bullying Now'. It soon becomes apparent that we are jumping to a new level and the corps highly entertain with a programme including 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. A well deserved high score of 81.15.

Jong Jubal surely must have been feeding on some of the energy of the reaction to Jubal and the fact they had gone in to finals with the high score. The Dutch junior champions impressed with a great music programme and also great samples and moves! 'Seven Nation Army' was a big highlight. Winners with 82.70.


As it got darker in Kerkrade, the excitement grew and grew. The top ten scoring corps from prelims stepped up for the second time of the day and they brought a new level to proceedings! The atmosphere was electric as we worked through the performances in order of scores from the prelims. It became apparent quite early that we were going to have some very close scores, and that certainly was the case.

The sight of these ten corps during retreat under the lights of Parkstad Limburg was one to behold. Few could call this result, and compere Alan Thompson announced the majority of placings, stopping before the top three for caption awards.

High Visual: Tie between The Company and Kidsgrove Scouts
High Auxiliary: Kidsgrove Scouts
High Percussion: Jubal
High Field Music: The Company
High Music: The Company
High Effect: Jubal
High Front Ensemble: Jubal

The tension was immense, and it only heightened when Alan Thompson announce that the first and second place were separated by a mere .05. Jubal! 2013 DCE European Champions.

Jubal European Champions!

News dal sito DCE - Sab, 28/09/2013 - 21:05

Jubal is the DCE Premier Class champion 2013. They ended with a score of 88.45 just above The Company (88.40).

Premier Class Finals:

1 Jubal 88.45
2 The Company 88.40
3 Juliana 85.05
4 Kidsgrove Scouts 84.10
5 Black Knights 82.90
6 Beatrix 80.80
7 Starriders 76.55
8 Commodores 75.95
9 Heartliner 72.00
10 Spirit of 52 71.50


Jong Jubal European Champions

News dal sito DCE - Sab, 28/09/2013 - 15:27

Jong Jubal are the European Junior Class Champions. The Dutch youngsters finished a successful year for them by achieving a score of 82.70.

The Junior Class results:

1 Jong Jubal 82.70
2 Johan Friso 81.15
3 Jong Beatrix 78.60
4 Ravens 74.30
5 Kidsgrove Scouts Juniors 67.40
6 Confetti 67.00

Jubal takes the lead at Prelims

News dal sito DCE - Sab, 28/09/2013 - 13:50

Jubal took the lead with 86.55 points during the DCE Prelims and scored 0.10 points above The Company from Nottingham (86.45). Kidsgrove Scouts finished third with 83.15 points.

The Prelims-scores:

1. Jubal 86.55
2. The Company 86.45
3. Kidsgrove Scouts 83.15
4. Black Knights 82.55
5. Juliana 82.35
6. Beatrix 79.55
7. Starriders 74.95
8. Commodores 73.85
9. Heartliner 71.60
10. Spirit of 52 70.45
11. Besana Secutores 68.05
12. Tallaght Youth Band Marching Vikings 64.90
13. Nexus 64.80
14. Con Spirito 63.10
15. Kadoudal 62.65
16 Mosson 60.00
17 Staffordshire Knights 57.05

With thanks to... the sponsors!

News dal sito DCE - Sab, 28/09/2013 - 00:29

There can be no DCE European Championships without sponsors. It is our pleasure to introduce to you the music-loving companies: Pearl, Adams, Rotex, Majesic and Show & Marching Music.


Pearl is a new DCE sponsor, but of course a familiar name for everybody in the drum corps world. The success that Pearl Percussion Products experience today can be traced back to a heritage of dedication to quality and value for over 63 years. Founded on April 2, 1946, in a small shack in Tokyo, Katsumi Yanagisawa began a music stand manufacturing business with an ultimate goal "to be a major manufacture of all percussion products."

In the year of 2006, Pearl celebrated its 60th Anniversary and has grown to become the largest drum company in the world with 8 subsidiaries in Japan, Taiwan, China, the United States and The Netherlands. Pearl is considered the leader in product innovation, artist recognition, and quality standard throughout its drum sets, marching percussion, drum heads, orchestral percussion and Pearl Percussion product lines.

In a few decades, the Adams group expanded into a leading, international company with a customer base that includes professional orchestras, professional musicians, traders and many, many associations and individuals. Other than timpani, the Adams Paukenfabriek also manufactures marimbas, vibraphones, xylophones, concert bass drums, tubular bells en Glockenspiels. All of these products are marketed by many traders all over the world. But Adams also has a specialist company in Limburg for the sale of wind and percussion instruments: Muziekcentrale Adams.

"In the future, Pearl Music Europe want to enhance its profile within the European marching scene. One of the active scenes in which we want to express this is Drum Corps Europe. DCI is the main example for many in this. In America, Pearl and its partner Adams are very successful in this market. We have decided to join forces in and present ourselves as a partner here as well. For us, the DCE finals on the 28th of September in Kerkrade are the kick-off of our joint project." /


Majestic really needs no introduction. The well-known business was founded over 50 years ago and is a worldwide provider of marching and concert percussion instruments. Majestic and its partners in America and Asia also have links with organisations such as DCI, BOA and WMBC. What's more, various top corps use their set of instruments.

"Majestic belongs in the world of marching bands and drum corps," states managing director Peter Vulperhorst. "DCE is a fantastic organisation which has made us feel very much included for years now." Majestic is offering a cheque worth 250 euros to the winner of the DCE Premier Class High Percussion Award.


Corps or members who are looking for fun, original inscriptions for corps jackets or t-shirts can visit the Rotex stand. What’s more, this year you can get the exclusive DCE shirts! Rotex is a young and creative company that deals with creating a personal imprint (text and/or image) on textiles.

The music world is familiar territory for this company. "We have been working on creative arrangements within the various drum corps for many years and this creativity is our distinguishing feature," is the explanation Rob from Rotex gives for his company’s presence at the DCE European Championships.


Show & Marching Music is the European music publisher specialised in music for (marching) bands and (marching) percussion ensembles. “We not only publish music but also create a lot of 'music made to measure' for various music associations. For next season, we are writing various pieces including the show for Jong Beatrix, but a complete indoor percussion programme is also part of our repertoire,” says Dirkjan van Groningen.

"Right now we have a great deal where you can win a free snare drum or mallet method book by posting a video. You can do this in person on Saturday live at the Show & Marching Music stand in the square in front of the stadium."

Show & Marching Music not only has a stand in Kerkrade, but is also in charge of the audio recording for the live webcast. "We sponsor DCE because it's our way to contribute to the development and growth of the drum corps & show band activity in Europe," explains Van Groningen.

Show & Marching Music shares its sales stand with the German Music & Marching Center (MMC) from Oldenburg, who are experts in musical instruments and accessories and loyal sponsors of DCE for many years. MMC is offering a cheque worth 250 euros to the winner of the DCE Premier Class High Visual Award.

Upgrade your tickets at the DCE stand

News dal sito DCE - Gio, 26/09/2013 - 14:05

Just missed the tickets in the centre sections? Will your seat at the DCE Championships be a little further away from the 50 yard than you'd like it to be tomorrow? DCE offers you the chance to upgrade your tickets at the DCE stand on the day of the event.

Some tickets for the A, B and C sections have become available again (because of non-paid tickets). To be fair to those people who have already ordered their tickets, DCE will not be selling these in the general ticket sales. At the DCE European Championships, between 12:15pm and 2:30pm, you will have the opportunity to buy an upgrade for your tickets at the DCE stand. If there are any tickets left after 2:30pm, these will be sold in the general ticket sales.

The tickets can be exchanged between 12:15pm and 2:30pm, because the DCE stand will be extremely busy in the morning. Spectators arriving in Kerkrade earlier need not despair. Since the seat numbers will not apply until the start of the evening programme, you can go in using your old ticket and exchange it for an upgrade during the lunch-time intermission. 

Do be careful with your ticket, as it must be in an acceptable state to sell it on! The offer is valid as long as stocks last.

Free webcast of the DCE European Championships

News dal sito DCE - Mer, 25/09/2013 - 10:48

Drum Corps Europe will once again broadcast the European Championships live on the internet this year. The live stream is free to watch and can be accessed via a banner on the website.

For those who can’t come to Kerkrade this year to attend the largest drum corps event in Europe, the live webcast is the next best thing. Four cameras will cover the performances. The presentation is in the hands of Robby Overvliet, and analysts Joe Fitzpatrick and Paul Doop will give their opinions on the shows.

The webcast, provided by a team of seventeen volunteers, is a production of the Video Vault (the joint video project of Drum Corps Europe and Color Guard Netherlands), in collaboration with Show & Marching Music who are in charge of the audio recordings.

All performances can be viewed online soon after the Championships, in even better HD quality. Waiting months for the recordings to become available is a thing of the past. Once the shows are available as video on demand, DCE will announce this on the website.

In addition to Saturday’s live webcast, a preview will be aired on Friday evening. On Friday from 8 pm Kerkrade time (7 pm GMT), Robby Overvliet will take a look at what is coming on Championships day with videos, statistics and interviews. This broadcast will also be available for free.

The webcast on Saturday will start at 9 am Kerkrade tome (8 am GMT). Hot News Top 5 from August 2013

News dal sito DCE - Mer, 25/09/2013 - 10:37

Every month, we will be giving you an overview of the most watched drum corps news of the past month. Here is the list of the most popular news items from August 2013, including the Corps Page Top 5.

The Hot News Top 5 from August 2013:

1. Carolina Crown is DCI Champion for the first time
Date: 11th August. Views: 708

2. Live webcast of DCI World Championship Finals
Date: 4th August. Views: 651

3. Ravens make jump to first place in the ranking
Date: 8th August. Views: 619

4. DCE Dashboard replaces Document Manager
Date: 2nd August. Views: 566

5. DCE terminates cooperation in Malaysia
Date: 13th August. Views: 557

The Corps Page Top 5 from August 2013:

1. The Company
2. Ravens
3. Jubal
4. Tallaght Youth Band Marching Vikings
5. Heartliner

You can still order tickets for the DCE European Championships!

News dal sito DCE - Lun, 23/09/2013 - 17:41

Don’t have tickets yet for the drum corps event of the year: the DCE European Championships? Get them quick! The ticket sale for the European Championships closes tomorrow, Tuesday 24th September.

This Saturday 28th of September, Kerkrade will once again become the drum corps capital of Europe. All European top corps will be present ain the Parkstad Limburg Stadium. More than twenty top corps from The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, France and Italy will participate.

Not only the battle in the Premier Class, but also in the Junior Class promises to be exciting. For only 15 euros you can buy a ticket and enjoy a wonderful day full of music and show. For more information about the programme, please visit our Championships page. We look forward to seeing you in Kerkrade!

Online ticket sale will close Tuesady night. You can buy tickets here.

Order of performances DCE Championships announced

News dal sito DCE - Dom, 22/09/2013 - 14:29

The order of performances during the Premier Class Prelims and Junior Class Finals at the DCE European Championships have been announced. The French corps Kadoudal will kick off the day with their the first appearance in the Premier Class.

After the DCUK Finals, the order has been determined based on the national scores. The order of performances (Premier Class Prelims and Junior Class Finals) is as follows:

09.30 - Kadoudal 
09.48 - Staffordshire Knights 
10.06 - Mosson 
10.24 - Con Spirito 
10.42 - Spirit of 52 
11.00 - Tallaght YB Marching Vikings 
11.18 - Nexus 
11.36 - Besana Secutores 
11.54 - Heartliner 
12.12 - break 
12.45 - Commodores 
13.03 - Starriders 
13.21 - Beatrix 
13.39 - Black Knights 
13.57 - Juliana 
14.15 - Jubal 
14.33 - Kidsgrove Scouts 
14.51 - The Company 

15.15 - Confetti 
15.32 - Kidsgrove Scouts Juniors 
15.49 - Jong Beatrix 
16.06 - Ravens 
16.23 - Johan Friso 
16.40 - Jong Jubal

The evening programme with the ten highest placed Premier Class corps will start at 18.30 hours (preceeded by the Junior Classs Champions performance). At 22.05 the new European Premier Class champions will be crowned during the Award Ceremony.

No admission tickets yet? Don't miss the largest drum corps event in Europe, and order your tickets now in the DCE webshop!

The Company, Revolution and Kidsgrove Juniors are 2013 DCUK champions

News dal sito DCE - Sab, 21/09/2013 - 21:02

The Company is the DCUK Open Class champion 2013. The corps from Nottingham took all captions tonight in Widnes.

The DCUK British Championships took place at the Select Security Stadium in Widnes for the first time. With their programme 'The Circle of Life', The Company took both Prelims and Finals with a score of 85.15 points. The Kidsgrove Scouts, last year's champions, ended in second place (81.80). The Black Knights came third (79.50).

After the Prelims the Open Class is divided in the Open Class Finals and A Class Finals in the DCUK system. The top eight in the Open Class Prelims proceed to the Open Class Finals, while corps below eight place move on to the A Class Finals. The A Class was topped by Revolution (55.05). The Kidsgrove Scouts Juniors won the Junior Class (63.40), with a 1.35 point margin ahead of Concord AllStars.

Fifteen corps participated in the DCUK British Drum Corps Championships. All scores can be found on the DCUK website and the DCE score page.

DCE concludes five-year contract for Kerkrade

News dal sito DCE - Ven, 20/09/2013 - 10:27

The DCE European Championships will be held in the Parkstad Limburg Stadium until 2017. Drum Corps Europe and Roda JC have signed a five-year contract.

The event moved from Rotterdam (where Sparta was its host) to the Parkstad Limburg Stadium in 2008. Meanwhile, the DCE European Championships have become the biggest drum corps event in Europe. The Parkstad Limburg Stadium is a beautiful stadium where Drum Corps Europe, the corps and the drum corps fans feel perfectly at home.

DCE is happy with the multi-year contract. "We feel comfortable in Kerkrade and at Roda JC", said board member Rob Beeren. "Both the city and the football club have a long tradition with music and show. Both the corps and music lovers know where they need to be in the coming years."

Tickets for the upcoming edition on Saturday the 28th of September are still available in the webshop.

DCUK and WGUK announce the UK Fan Network

News dal sito DCE - Gio, 19/09/2013 - 10:42

Marching and Performing Arts UK (MPA:UK) has launched the UK Fan Network. The video platform features videos from Drum Corps United Kingdom (DCUK) and Winter Guard United Kingdom (WGUK) Championships.

Currently over 200 performances are available to access (DCUK 1984 to 1996 plus 2012 and WGUK 2010 to 2012) and over the coming months further videos will be added. Not only archive videos but also performances within 48 hours of a show with live feeds of shows being a future feature being considered.

Subscriptions cost no more than £18.00 (less than the cost of one DVD) and last for up to 12 months with an annual renewal date of 1st December, however, if you sign up now (or any time before 1st December 2013 then you will get unlimited access right through to the end of November 2014. That is up to 14 months for the price of 12.

The UK Fan Network is a joint partnership between MPA:UK and Drum Corps International (DCI). "Our thanks to Dan Acheson and Rich Trotman from DCI for their help and support over the past few months whilst we have been setting this project up", says MPA:UK Chairman Alan Thompson.

"It has been a dream of mine for the past 6 to 7 years to be able to make what we do more accessible and we looked at numerous options with The Fan Network coming out head and shoulders above any other. We know lots of people within our activity have used the DCI, WGI and/or DCA Fan Networks and these all use the same tried and tested technology so it made huge sense to join this illustrious ensemble of marching arts organisations to help us promote the activity in the UK."

The UK Fan Network Manager, Lee Court, also stated "This is such a great platform to showcase the past 34 years of our activity and after a year of working on this project I am so pleased we are now able to release to the public."

MPA:UK would like to pass on their thanks to Jim Vaughan and the Trustees of the recently closed British Federation of Youth Marching Band Organisations for their kind donation which has funded the setup costs for this venture and enabled MPA:UK to launch the Fan Network much earlier than anticipated.

Signing up is possible at

DCE introduces VIP Membership for drum corps fans

News dal sito DCE - Mer, 18/09/2013 - 01:07

Drum Corps Europe introduces the VIP Membership. For a fixed annual amount, drum corps fans will get free access to the video platform The Video Vault, as well as the opportunity to order tickets for the DCE European Championships before the ticket sale officially starts!

The DCE VIP Membership is the perfect opportunity for die hard drum corps fans to enjoy the DCE European Championships to the full, both in the stadium and at home. A subscription to the new video service The Video Vault is included and VIP Members also have the opportunity to get hold of tickets before the official start of the ticket sales in May.

A VIP Membership will soon be available online through the DCE website.

The DCE Video Vault will open soon

News dal sito DCE - Mar, 17/09/2013 - 00:41

The DCE Video Vault is almost ready for launch. Later this month, the video platform of Drum Corps Europe will open and drum corps fans will be able to watch drum corps performances online.

Through an annual subscription, drum corps fans will have unlimited access to all videos that are offered on the platform. What is unique is that the videos of the DCE Championships will be available just a few days after the event. Previously, this took several months. The videos of the DCE Championships 2013 can be viewed in HD quality.

Subscribing is easy online, and payment options include PayPal and credit card (worldwide), iDeal (The Netherlands), DIRECTebanking (Germany) and MisterCash (Belgium). The Video Vault is a partnership between DCE and CGN.

Ravens and Vikings are 2013 Irish champions

News dal sito DCE - Lun, 16/09/2013 - 12:40

Tallaght Youth Band Marching Vikings and Ravens Drum & Bugle Corps are the 2013 Irish Champions. The IMBA Championships were held last Saturday in Kiltoom.

There were exceptionally good weather conditions for this time of year and the audience and corps enjoyed ideal conditions. Two corps took part in the Junior Class. Tallaght Youth Band Cadets finished a successful year for them by achieving a score of 65.25 and finishing second. The Junior Class winners were Ravens Drum & Bugle Corps with a score of 75.50, which leaves them in third position in the European ranking.

The Premier Class saw Clondalkin Youth Band from Dublin perform their first Irish show of the year and finish in 3rd place. Inbhear Mor Marchers finished a very successful season by achieving their highest score in 4 years. Mullingar Town Band Celtic Crusaders performed their production 'The Gathering', based on a national event which invites the Irish diaspora to gather back home. Tallaght Festival Band finished off their season with their performance of 'The Planets' which was well received by the large audience and judges alike.

Tallaght Youth Band Marching Vikings were the winners in the Premier Class, with their very entertaining show 'Nocturnal Metropolis'. The scores in the Premier Class were as follows: 5th: Tallaght Festival Band (46.95), 4th: Mullingar Town Band Celtic Crusaders (50.55), 3rd: Clondalkin Youth Band (55.70), 2nd: Inbhear Mor Marchers (56.25), 1st: Tallaght Youth Band Marching Vikings (67.05).

The IMBA Championships trophies were presented by a very special guest John DeNovi, Director of Business Development at Drum Corps International. The IMBA Championships winners in each class will travel to Kerkrade on September 28th to compete at the DCE European Championships. More photos from the day are available on the DCE facebook page, and the IMBA can be found on Facebook too. Scores and recaps are available on the score page.

Jubal and Jong Jubal win Dutch titles

News dal sito DCE - Lun, 16/09/2013 - 01:31

Jubal Drum & Bugle Corps won the Dutch drum corps title in front of a full grandstand on Saturday night. In their hometown of Dordrecht, the programme 'The Deadly Game' was indeed deadly for the competition. Thanks to their junior corps Jong Jubal, it became a double victory for Dordrecht.

Jubal claimed victory with 81.05 points during the DCN Finals and scored 1.35 points above Juliana from Middelburg (79.70), who were relieved of their title of Dutch champions after several years of hegemony. Beatrix finished third with 76.00 points. Places four to six went to the German corps that participated. The Starriders were the highest scoring German corps of the evening (73.80), followed by Heartliner (67.85), and Spirit of 52 (65.95).

Con Spirito came seventh with their programme 'MENS' (61.65). Jong-Holland and DAP finished in eighth (56.10) and ninth (45.75) place respectively, but had nothing to be ashamed of. Both corps were able to entertain the public very well.

Jong Jubal already had Dordrecht celebrating in the afternoon by claiming the Junior Class title. The double victory was also celebrated exuberantly. With 78.80 points, Jong Jubal was only narrowly ahead of Johan Friso (78.30). Jong Beatrix came third (75.10), Jong Holland Juniors fourth (68.35) and Confetti fifth (63.25).

Scores and recaps can be found on the score page.


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